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Large escutcheons to cover retrofit area on pool deck

Large escutcheons to cover retrofit area on pool deck
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Posted: 05-09-2012 09:58
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Our customer, Jack, had a problem trying to please a customer requesting oversized escutcheons. 

Question: I have a costumer I am reinstalling ladders and rails on a new paver deck. Of course the anchors will be plastic (no bond available) and set in concrete under the paver. My problem is the costumer is picky and the normal size escutcheons never quite cover retro fits. Do you sell oversized escutcheons. A phone call do instead of a response, whatever works best for you. Thanks, Jack. 

Answer: Thanks for your question. The Saftron Escutcheons that we carry are already oversized and probably the largest diameter escutcheons that you will find in the pool market.

They measure 5-1/4” in diameter and cover the grouted area around most Pool Ladder and Rail Anchor Socket installations. 

As Saftron’s Anchor Sockets are larger than most, the installation needs to be precise to ensure the grouted area will be covered by the escutcheon after the installation has completed.  Two overlapping 3” diameter holes need to be core-drilled into the deck.  We provide a downloadable template on our website (Anchor Socket Footprint) that you can print in 1:1 scale to assist in determining the correct hole locations.

The full Anchor Socket installation instructions are here:SAFTRON ANCH-1 ANCHOR SOCKET (CORE DRILL & GROUT)

Some of our past clients that needed to hide a larger area than the 5-3/4” diameter covered by the escutcheon have done so successfully by cutting out a ring of thin vinyl (such as shelf liner) to the desired size and placing it at the base of the pool ladder or rail below the escutcheon.  If you can find vinyl sheeting that is the same color as the escutcheon, this can be a simple and inexpensive solution to the alternative of having to re-finish the surface of the deck.  (Yes… it is admittedly a bit of a “Band-Aid” fix, but it beats the alternative of seeing grout and the price is right!).

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck!


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