About Us

Innovative Pool Products is a family-owned and operated small business. 


We have been involved in the swimming pool business from our offices in Miami-Dade County, Florida, 

for more than a decade and active on the internet for the past five years. We specialize in getting you in 

and out of the water - safely.


In order to remain competitive, we keep our overhead low and work with small margins. It’s a jungle

out there and we know that prices matter so we have to be competitive, but where we really try to

shine is in the level of service that we provide. When you call us, you are dealing with the owners

and you, our customer, are our number one priority.


In this world of big box stores and outsourcing, where the term “Customer Service” is all but an

oxymoron, you can expect a very personal level of treatment from us at Innovative Pool Products.


We are casual in that we communicate with most of our customers on a first-name basis, but 

professional in terms of living up to commitments. Your calls might find us overseeing a delivery 

in the warehouse, preparing a shipment or juggling other calls, but even when we can’t answer your

calls immediately, we will always call you back. We will spend whatever time it takes to answer

all of your questions and concerns. 


We thank you for finding us online and hope you will find what you need in our store. 


Innovative Pool Products