Instructions for use of SAFTRON Reusable Installation Jigs to align Anchor Sockets during installation.
  • Saftron Jigs are multiple-use installation alignment tools.
  • Ready to use.
  • P-JIG-L Jig aligns Anchor Sockets for use with standard 20” on center Ladders.
  • P-JIG-RTD aligns Anchor Sockets for use with standard 8” on center Return-to-Deck rails.

  1. Insert each post of JIG all the way into an anchor socket.
  2. Rotate Anchor Sockets to desired position and tighten bolt. 
  3. Place Jig / Anchor Socket assembly in grout holes. 
  4. Re-check position, alignment and depth of Anchor Sockets. Bubble level(s) should be   centered. If necessary, use wooden wedges to hold in place.
  5. Fill void around anchor socket(s) with grout.
  6. Once grout has fully cured, loosen Anchor Socket bolt, remove jig and replace with   ladder or rail.